How much did it cost to dress up IU for “Dream High”?

The cost of IU’s transformation for her role in “Dream High” has been estimated to be around $60,000 USD.

Producers of “Dream High” revealed that in order to costume IU into her chubby character, $50,000 USD was spent on her fat suit, along with an extra $2,000 USD for makeup spent per episode.  Six episodes have cost the drama a total of $60,000 USD so far.

Her transformation also takes over five hours, and coming out of her outfit takes an additional two.

Thankfully, her efforts aren’t wasted, as she’s been dominating the charts lately with her song “Someday” for the drama’s OST.

The R&B song was sung by IU in her audition scene on the January 4th episode.  Written and produced by Park Jin Young, the song marks IU’s first hit of 2011, continuing her streak of success from last year.

Listen to it here!

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Daum, Everyday Economy via Daum



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