Still cut of ‘Dream High 2′ shows off Jinwoon’s manners

In a recent still cut of ‘Dream High 2‘, 2AM Jinwoon‘s manners are becoming a hot topic.

On January 7th, an online community posted a photo of the ‘Dream High 2′ filming site with 2AM’s Jinwoon and Kang Sora. The photo has been gaining much interest as Jinwoon had to place his legs apart to be close to Kang Sora’s height.

According to their profiles, Jinwoon is 185 cm (~72.8″), while Kang Sora is 168 cm (~66.1″), making a large 17 cm. (~6.7″) difference.

Jinwoo was caring enough to place his legs apart in order to decrease the height difference for Kang Sora.

Netizens replied with, “Is he standing with his legs apart because of the height difference?” and “Jinwoon oppa is of course so caring!

Jinwoon and Kang Sora will appear in the pilot episode of KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2′ on January 30th.

Source: TV Report via Nate

SOURCE: allkpop


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