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12 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. flower says:

    I like jason , when he started to dance ….
    unique character, interesting boy, and have a great style …
    ❤ Jason (woo young) …

  2. Chelinka rafiesta says:

    I’d love to meet the players dream high(Suzy,Taecyoen,Kim Soo Hyun,IU,Enjung T-ara’s,Jazon)
    if i could meet them i will feel happy,proud,and i will show the world that someday i could be like them,,Dream high has motivated me to always go forward and achieve my goals as high as the sky,,Thank You DREAM’ve given me an incredible spirit,,,
    One of my dreamif i can go to KIRIN ART SCHOOL????????????
    iwait dream high 2..i drewam high nankumal kujyo

  3. Korea Group says:

    Arro Qurr Profile
    Name: Arro Qurr
    DOB: November 13
    Profession: Author, Musician
    (Also known as Prince)

    Arro Qurr Biography
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  4. Raisa Burgos says:

    I love dream high sooooooo much.
    One day I wanna go to South Korea and if I meet one of them I’m gonna die.
    Suzy, Wooyoung, IU, Taecyoen, Kim soo Hyun,and Ham Eun-jung. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
    From Dream High 2, JB, Kang-sora, Hyolyn, Ailee, and Park Ji-yeon. You guys are Awesome!!!!!!

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